Monday, February 24, 2014

Simon Bates eased out by Smooth

With so many clouds hanging over former Radio One DJs, it's rare to hear of one being dropped simply because there's no place for him at his current station any more.

But that's what's happened to Simon Bates, leaving Smooth not because of Yewtree or pretending to be a car salesperson:

"Andrew Castle, Kate Garraway, Tina Hobley and Myleene Klass joining Smooth tell you just how seriously Global takes the launch of Smooth, and the focus and investment we're putting behind this brand," said [ Ashley] Tabor.

"It's a further demonstration of our core strategy of 'national brands delivered locally', and it's very important to us. As Smooth becomes one of the country's biggest commercial radio brands, we're investing to make it bigger and better for our listeners and advertisers."
Yes, nothing says 'we're taking this radio station seriously' like putting a tennis player and one of Holby City in roles previously done by radio presenters.


Robin Carmody said...

Fewer and fewer stations - at least not ones as big as the former Radio 1 DJs still think they are - will use DJs of that generation and style any more. Yewtree may be some sort of factor - it's definitely tainted a whole culture and dragged even those directly unaffected down with it - but the change had been happening long before that (the long road towards "that was, this is" and very little else goes back to the GWR stations in the early 1990s).

Smooth *was* the last repository of this style of radio when GMG owned it, but Global don't do things that way and it should be no surprise that they've also got rid of Pat Sharp and David Jensen recently.

Mikey said...

Alan Partridge | Alpha Papa wasn't a comedy – It was a prophecy!

Anonymous said...

Many years ago Matthew bannister began his cull of many of the most loved Radio 1 presenters in the first few months they lost millions of listeners now it would appear Smooth is about to do the same obviously they don't care about their listeners I for one will listen religously to Simon Bates last programme on fri 22nd march after that I won't listen to smooth again shame on you smooth your listeners obviously aren't important to you

bob m said...

Brilliant Dj s like Simon Bates don't grow on trees its no use playing great music if you don't have the presenters to accompany it smooth radio sadly has gone down the pan I will also be leaving smooth as a listener

Robin Carmody said...

I liked the Motown show on the GMG-run Smooth, and it's a travesty/tragedy to see Dave Brown reduced to saying "that was / this is" between a tiny selection of overplayed songs at 3am.

But Simon Bates? Really?

Anonymous said...

They sack Simon and then employ Andrew Castle & Kate Garraway ?! What are they on?! These two are both about as interesting as a wet lettuce...huge mistake

Anonymous said...

My mornings are not the same anymore, the sound of simon bates was great kept me going anyway. They made a big mistake employing tv cast off's kate garroway's voice is like she's got a permanent sore throat and talks down her nose boreing woman

Anonymous said...

Couldn't stand Simon Bates or Carlos. Loved Pat Sharpe, Lynn Parsons, Emma B. Can't stand Kate Garraway. What a god awful woman. Fed up seeing and hearing Myleene Klass everywhere I turn. Love Andrew Castle. Tina Hobley OK but loved my ?Saturday and Sunday mornings listening to Pat Sharpe. Will listen to Andrew Castle but then switch stations.

Anonymous said...

have tried new breakfast presenter Andrew Castle not impressed talks down to listeners, always on about what he did and tennis not interested just like good music Simon Bates style lets have real presenters not jaded has beens that noboby else wants no doubt the were bought cheaply.

Anonymous said...

simon bates departure is a great mistake , smooth radio is losing one of the greats. l for one will swap stations now. shame on you smooth

Anonymous said...

Smooth radio - well I'm switching off & I hope everyone else does too.
Garraway,Hobley & Klass -yuk!!!!!!!!! And the station's playlist consists of screechy caterwauling Whitney Houston etc. I think the station only has 5 cds that it plays on repeat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bring back the man with the smooth voice Simon bates
some of them women DJ get on my nerves they talk a load of rubbish
please bring simon back

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