Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lorde gig location of first post-Phelps counter-protest

For reasons that are probably down to misreading the Bible quite extravagantly, the Westboro Baptist Church turned up to protest at Lorde's gig in Kansas City. (Perhaps they think that the Southern Hemisphere and the underworld are the same place, or maybe they believe that Lord Of The Rings was a documentary and anyone hailing from New Zealand is going to be some sort of malevolent goblin. Who knows?)

Anyway, this is the first time the Westboro Church have got their placards out since founding hate-frond Fred Phelps went to put his interpretation of the scriptures to the test, and as such there was a new form of counter-protest:

According to Kansas City’s KSHB Channel 41, the stridently anti-LGBT demonstrators were met with a counter-protest outside a concert by New Zealander pop sensation Lorde. The counter-protesters held up a banner that said, “Sorry for your loss,” a message of condolence to the church members, many of whom are relatives of the late Rev. Phelps.
Obviously, this puzzled the Baptists, who live under the belief that hearing of a person's death is an excuse to work out exactly how they were part of a sodomitocracy and arrange a loud presence at their funeral to share this knowledge.
Westboro members — who reportedly ousted Phelps from his own congregation earlier this year — pretended to not understand the message.

“I don’t even know what they’re saying,” said longtime WBC member Steve Drain.
Westboro Baptist Church member doesn't recognise a compassionate, gentle message. The world isn't entirely surprised.