Monday, March 31, 2014

Rita Ora makes a choice

"I was asked to judge that X Factor but said no" very much the mid 2010s "yeah, they offered me a seat in the House Of Lords but I didn't want to compromise my ability to speak out on the issues", isn't it?

She told Capital FM: "I would have loved to have done it. I'm such a fan of the show but if I did that, then i can't do this.

"I didn't want to do an album and do promo and go on tour and have that responsibility at the same time."
"This" is an endless tour of local radio stations talking about, mostly, how she could have been on the X Factor by now if she hadn't said no to it in order to tour radio studios talking about how she said no to the X Factor to free up her time to visit commercial broadcasters giving interviews about the decision to turn down the X Factor so she could spend time calling in at ILR networks communicating about her refusal of the X Factor due to demands on her diary made by visits to breakfast shows and drivetime programmes where she will talk about choosing not to do the X Factor.

But Rita Ora isn't an idiot. She's aware that Aire FM might not always want to be amongst the first to hear about how she's not doing the X Factor, so she's leaving the door open:
She added: "I said I would love to do it when the time is right, so basically a few albums on."
I suspect that very few people outside of the X Factor expect it to still be on air in a few albums time; there might not be many people outside of Rita Ora who believe she's got a few albums left in her.