Sunday, March 30, 2014

This week just gone

These were the most popular March posts:

1. Armenia's entered a transphobic man into Eurovision
2. Is Radio 3 really more expensive than BBC Three?
3. Kiss upset at their entry to the museum
4. RIP: Jill Sinclair
5. Paloma Faith declares pop music to be over
6. RIP: Duffy Power
7. Why Twitter is amazing
8. Kylie is quitting the Voice. Apparently
9. Lorde fans show Westboro how to do respect
10. Pharrell Williams calls it for Hillary

These releases were interesting:

Dean Wareham - Dean Wareham

Download Love Letters

Jasmine Minks - Cut Me Deep

Johnny Foreigner - You Can Do Better

Download You Can Do Better

Metronomy - Love Letters

Download Love Letters

Joan As Police Woman - The Classic

Download The Classic

Mø - No Mythologies To Follow

Download No Myhtologies To Follow

Micha P Hinson - And The Nothing

Download Micha P Hinson

Solvent - New Ways: Music From The Documentary I Dream Of Wires

Download New Ways