Sunday, June 01, 2014

Bret Michaels isn't doing very well

Bret Michaels has put a hold on his solo tour due to health issues. How bad are they? Guitarist Pete Evick reckons they're pretty bad, and takes time to calibrate the measurement he's using here:

As I've stated before, I have stood with Bret for over nine years and have been around the world with him. I was there when his appendix burst, was there through the brain hemorrhage and watched him re-learn to walk and talk, not to mention countless blood sugar scares, but nothing like this. The complication of this brutal flu virus and how it has affected his blood glucose levels has been awful to watch. The perfect cocktail of such a virus along with diabetes and a high temperature is to be taken very seriously.
Still, Pete's sure the band will be picking up the tour next week, so perhaps not quite as bad as the brain haemorrhage, then.