Monday, June 09, 2014

Comedyobit: Rik Mayall

We've not only lost a great comedian and actor with the death of Rik Mayall; he's a loss to music, as well.

Lest we forget, he was part of Bad News:

He was the focus of the otherwise-forgotten Butcher Bitches by Circus Circus Circus:

He also supported the band The Company She Keeps in the video for What A Girl Wants:

And was in the clip for Lionheart's Die For Love:

The video for Art Of Noise's remake of Peter Gunn? Send for Mr Mayll.

(Turns out having Rik in your video wasn't a lock-in for sales.)

Also, Rik would turn up on The Tube in the early days, when the series was still heavier on pardoy than self-parody:

Let's not forget he also had a number one in his own right, even if it was in character:

That also went to number one in Australia, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand and the Netherlands.

We've lost a great man.