Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bookmarks: Arctic Monkeys

Luke Nightingale, in the New Statesman, on why it hurts more when the Arctic Monkeys choose to minimise their tax payments:

Their tales are of the streets we walked; streets that were built by public investment. They were born in NHS hospitals, attended state-funded schools. The Arctic Monkeys flourished as a result of incisive and witty lyrics of social realism that chimed with the everyman. And yet, any reference to civic pride from now on will be warped with bitter irony.


Robin Carmody said...

... but I can bet that if it were suggested to him that someone like Ghetts provides a voice of working-class experience which *doesn't* betray such civic responsibilities, Luke Nightingale, in common with pretty much anyone else who might write for the New Statesman, would grumble about "illegitimacy" and "inauthenticity" in tones indistinguishable from writers for the Spectator #themenaceofbeatlismlives

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