Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Matthew Healy saves dog, car; except doesn't, quite

Karen and Yasemin Gokoglu spotted Matthew Healy out of the 1975 doing a thing, and ran over excitedly to have their photo taken with him.

After all, as the Western Morning News observes, he's not just Matthew Healy, he's...

Hunky Matthew Healy from the group 'The 1975'
Trouble is, he's so very, very hunky he had caused them to lose their minds, and forget something basic. They'd forgotten to put the handbrake on their car.

The car - complete with dog on backseat - started to roll away:
Matthew saw it rolling down hill with their pet Shih Tzu on the back seat and the trio gave chase - before red-faced Karen was able to hop inside and apply the brakes.
The Western Morning News headlines this adventure:
Well-known pop star saves Mercedes from run-away disaster in Plymouth
As we've noted before, if your name isn't strong enough to make sense in a headline, you're probably not actually well-known at all. (And "well-known"? Not even "famous"? Could the subs not come up with a milder term? "Slightly familiar pop star...")

And he didn't actually save the car, as we've heard, because it was Karen who jumped in the car and saved it.

Hunky Matthew Healy was in town for an MTV Crash gig, which would give us an easy, lazy punchline but...
Karen said [...] "I can laugh about it now but I was shaking like a leaf at the time. I've only had the car two weeks. It could have really been an MTV crash."
Karen's beaten me to it. Faster than Hunky Matthew Healy running down a hill, faster than everyone for hitting a punchline.