Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Does anyone have the energy for a Morrissey story?

The ongoing spat between Morrissey and Harvest Records has taken another shall-we-call-it-lurch-towards-the-edge, as Harvest Records have yanked World Peace Is None Of You Business off the digital market:

According to a source familiar with the situation, "Morrissey has not been dropped by [Harvest Records, a subsidiary of Capitol Music Group, itself a subsidiary of Universal Music Group] but out of deference to his request they have reluctantly removed his album from all services."
Billboard thinks this shouldn't be too frustrating to Mozzer fans:
Since its release the album has sold 25,000 units -- 15,000 CDs, 3,000 LPs and 8,000 digital downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan. With those kind of sales numbers for the physical formats, Billboard speculates that Harvest probably built about 50,000 physical units for the U.S. market. That means there is still plenty of World Peace stock left for Morrissey fans to track down, if they're so inclined.
Bless Billboard, convinced that people's response when discovering they can't download a record from iTunes or stream on Spotify is to pull on a coat, get out the car and drive to town to look for a CD. That's quite sweet.

With the record vanishing, now would be the perfect time to announce a European tour, right?

No, really; he has announced a European tour. Apparently including the O2 Arena. Good luck getting that venue meat-free, Morrissey.


johnlyons121 said...

I'm sure Billboard is aware that the plan B of anyone initially inclined to download would be to source the CD from an online retailer. No coats or cars involved.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I was suggesting that someone who wants on-demand music isn't going to choose a route that involves the delays of physical products, but, yes, your specific point is, of course, correct.

Chris Brown said...

I think you lost me at the point where you suggested anyone would want to listen to a new Morrissey album more than a fortnight after it came out.

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