Monday, August 18, 2014

Sufiobit: Barkat Sidhu

Sufi singer Barkat Sidhu has died.

Sidhu was something of a sufi purist, insisting on a firm classical base to his compositions. It won him praise, but, as The Hindu pointed out in a 2004 profile, it didn't make for a glamorous lifestyle:

The present day economic situation of singers like Barkat Sidhu, responsible for keeping an entire art form alive, is however an unfortunate tragedy. His earnings are low, forcing him to lead a simple lifestyle. His living is in direct contrast to the world of pop music, steeped in glamour and ostentatious wealth.

``These days it is very disappointing to see that singing has become a fast exercise rather than a melody. In fact to create a real singing atmosphere we need peace and lot of time. It is applicable to every kind of music but now the tradition has been changed very much and nobody is paying attention towards nuances. Pop music has also affected the culture adversely,'' he says.

Barkat Sidhu was 68; he had been receiving treatment for cancer.

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