Saturday, November 15, 2014

Bookmarks: Documenting purchases

Jem Stone has put his Word piece about documenting singles and albums purchases on his blog:

However, most of the agony was writing the first entry . Should I should start with numbering Call Up by the Clash (7″) as No. 1 ?
This wasn’t right given that I’d already had bought about 50 singles pre 1980 when the book began. My record buying life had actually begun on a rainy shopping trip with Mum to WH Smiths record shop, three years before, with Abba’s Knowing Me Knowing You. What about that ? So logically then perhaps the first entry should actually be numbered 51 ? Perhaps I should document the backstory (“The Early Years”) in a separate book ? Would it dilute the diary if i put all this stuff in the back ?

I genuinely used to fret hard about this stuff but went, as it turns out, with Number 1.

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