Monday, November 03, 2014

Clarinetobit: Acker Bilk

Acker Bilk, probably the most famous clarinet player in the world, has died.

This means news bulletins for the last day have been reverberating to the sound of Stranger On The Shore (or Jenny, as it was originally called when it was first released).

It's possible that Bilk, while enjoying the warmth of the tribute, might have been a little disappointed at the choice of music:

Clarinet player Acker Bilk says he is "fed up" with playing his most famous tune - Stranger on the Shore.

The 83-year-old jazz musician, who lives in Pensford, Somerset, had a worldwide hit in the early 1960s and has played it regularly ever since.

He told BBC Inside Out West reporter Alastair McKee the tune is "all right but you do get fed up with it after a bit".
Here he is, then, playing something else:

Acker Bilk was 85; he'd been ill for a short time.

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