Monday, December 01, 2014

Madonna leaks; manager wants you to do his job for him

At first, it was just a bit of Madonna's forthcoming single, Rebel Heart, that had been pushed online.

That didn't make her happy.

But if Madonna was annoyed at her snatch leaking online, worse was to come. The whole thing is now out there.

People want to know what happened:

Guy Oseary took to Twitter to ask fans to assist in finding whoever was responsible for the leak.

He wrote: "I would be grateful to any @madonna fans that can assist us in finding those responsible for the leak. We appreciate your help."
Oseary is Madonna's manager. Not be confused with an ossuary, of course. One's job is to keep safe the skeletal remains of a human being; the other is an ossuary.

So, yes, Oseary has decided to ask Twitter if they knew "who was responsible". It's unclear if he followed up this with "nobody is in trouble, we just want to know" and "we're not angry, just disappointed".

It's surprising that Madonna's management team are so rickety they have to, effectively, ask the entire world who outsmarted them.