Sunday, January 18, 2015

Frozenobit: Yao Beina

Yao Beina, Chinese pop star, has died.

She had an interesting career - she was a runner-up on the Chinese version of The Voice in 2013, but landed the job of doing the pop version of Let It Go for the Mandarian voice track on Frozen.

In a grizly turn, a Chinese news photographer apparently snuck into the morgue:

[T]he outpouring of emotion was overshadowed by allegations that three reporters from a Shenzhen newpaper posed as medical staff at the hospital and entered the morgue where her body was being kept. They took photographs, according to Yao's family, but the pictures have not been released.

The accusation sparked a debate over media ethics. "The Shenzhen reporters tried all kinds of means to get photos of Yao. It's the result of the current deformed political and social situation on the mainland, as only entertainment reporters enjoy absolutely freedom of news-gathering and reporting," said Qiao Mu, the dean of the Centre for International Communication Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University.
Yao Beina was 23 years old; she had survived breast cancer in 2011.

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