Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sam Smith still complaining about pop stars

You'll recall the last time we came across Sam Smith, he was telling Chaka Khan how terrible modern pop stars (apart from him) are.

He's still banging that particular drum, this time wailing to GQ about how awful they all are:

“I won’t name names, but I will never act like some of the current pop stars have acted toward me,” he tells GQ. “We can be friends, you know? We can. It’s not a competition. There’s space for all of us. There’s always space for good music.”
I don't know what 'good music' has to do with how people relate to Sam Smith; it's a bit like the Burger King complaining he can't find a space to open a branch in town suddenly talking about how there's always room for fine dining.

But why won't existing pop stars worshipembrace Smith as one of their own?

Maybe because he says things like this:
The explanation comes after he says he wants to be a pop star, “but I also don’t want to be a pop star.

“You know, I want to be the biggest star in the world, but I also want to maintain the soulfulness. I don’t want to lose my mind or my humor.”
"I want to maintain the soulfulness".

Interesting, by the way, to see a man who uses any public platform he stumbles onto to wail about how all the other kids are so mean insisting that he doesn't want to lose his senses of humour or perspective.

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