Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eurovision 2015: Canberra, can we have your v... hang on, what?

It's never been a condition of entry that your nation is in Europe to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest. You just have to be a member of the European Broadcasting Union.

So the announcement that Australia is going to send a competing song to Eurovision isn't quite as unlikely as it sounds.

Australia is an associate member of the EBU, and given that that's enough to qualify for entry, it holds out the prospect of other associates turning up. That could mean Brazil; Japan; or even a Cuba-USA head-to-head.

Participation leads to voting privileges, which means Terry Wogan is trying to work out which European country is closest to Australia so he can start complaining about block votes.


Robin Carmody said...

A case of Saturday night and Sunday morning - if I've got my time differences right, the contest will be happening in the early hours of Sunday from 3.00 to some time after 6.00 am in Western Australia, 4.30 to some time after 7.30 am in South Australia & Northern Territory, and 5.00 to some time after 8.00 am in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory. It would be at slightly more civil hours if we weren't on daylight saving time at the time and those parts of Australia where the farmers don't keep voting it down were.

Mind you it goes on past midnight in the vast CET area, past 1.00 am in the EET area and is already at a similar time to Australia in eastern Russia, so we're kind of spoilt here in terms of keeping regular hours and still watching it live #timezoneanorak

Robin Carmody said...

(Would New Zealand ever participate? It would be a proper Sunday breakfast show there: 7.00 until some time after 10.00 am)

Robin Carmody said...

re. block votes, wouldn't Australia - practically by definition - be most likely to get political votes from Britain, specifically from its UKIP faction? Bit of a problem for most of the British people who moan about political voting in the ESC, then ...

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