Thursday, February 05, 2015

Katy Perry surprised to discover nine year-old doesn't have much idea about music industry

Katy Perry always dreamed of being a brand releasing celebrity-endorsed perf... hang on, I mean pop star, don't I?

Katy Perry always dreamed of being a pop star. Yet, she tells Elle with a note of wonder, it's not like she thought it would be:

On being a pop star in today's society: "It is a hundred times harder a dream than the dream that I dreamt when I was 9 . . . You think you signed up for one thing, but you automatically sign up for a hundred others. And that is why you see people shaving their f*cking heads."
Whoever would have thought that a nine year-old might imagine an adult world that isn't quite aligned with how the world actually works. There's probably a bunch of people stood in train cabs this morning going 'when I was seven, I'm pretty certain I expected trains to have faces and pretty much I'd spend my time shovelling coal into a hole'.

Perry also talks about the Superbowl:
We love this opportunity, but once you decide you're gonna do the Super Bowl, you're gonna have no f*cking life for six months. It is the biggest thing. Anyone that's ever done it has been scared sh*tless. You stay off the Internet for the five days afterward.
The Super Bowl was, actually, five days ago and, given the lead times for Elle to publish, it's surprising she's able to say what she did for five days after an event which wouldn't have happened at the time she was talking.

By far the strangest thing though is Perry's suggestion that Adele might not know how many Mexican restaurants there are in London:
"Adele is so real and couldn't care less about the trappings of fame. She came to a show at the Hammersmith Apollo in England and stole my after-show burrito. She's like [heavy British accent], 'How the f*ck did you get a burrito in England?'"
Wahaca? Chipotle? Cantina Laredo? Daddy Donkey? Benito's Hat? Or maybe someone just bought a tortilla, beans and some cheese from any supermarket anywhere?

Thank Christ Perry wasn't eating a cactus taco; Adele would probably have assumed she'd been kidnapped and woken up in Cabo San Lucas.

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