Friday, April 03, 2015

Morrisons overhaul their playlist

Failing supermarket chain Morrisons has come up with a plan to refresh its offering. Not dumping the acres and acres of brawn and haslet that are on every shelf you come across; nor stopping spraying cooling water on lettuce tightly wrapped in plastic.

But it has updated its tannoy tuneset:

Morrisons' new boss David Potts has responded to a 'special request' from staff to introduce an updated in-store playlist featuring 9,000 songs from today (Good Friday).

The new compilation, which is expected to include hits by Jack Johnson, John Legend, Beyoncé, The Cure, Morcheeba, U2 and Texas, will be live in all 505 UK supermarkets, including those at the Leisure Plaza and in Westcroft in Milton Keynes.
The inclusion of Jack Johnson and John Legend suggests that Potts might just have been being vindictive - "complain about the tannoy, eh? I'll show you" - but he seems to have been genuine.

Mind you, "updating" a playlist with The Cure (last album 2008; last top ten hit 1992) and Texas (last top ten hit 2006) makes you wonder what the hell they were playing before. Big band sounds?

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