Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rapobit: Pumpkinhead

Alan Diaz, the rapper Pumpkinhead, has died, according to reports from AllHipHop.

A member of both Brooklyn AC and The Plague, and (like most of his generation) a serial collaborator, Pumpkinhead explained to Latin Rapper in 2004 that if he wasn't a massive breakout name, that was fine for him:

Before Jadakiss came out with that "The Champ Is Here" sh*t, I was the peoples champion, aiight. I was the peoples champion of underground Hip Hop and that's my title.

I'm the peoples champion of underground Hip Hop. I don't try to retain the title thought, I mean, I just do what I know best. You know what I mean? My music allows me to get that respect and that acclaim from the people that like real Hip Hop. So, I don't try they just give me the title, they allow me to keep my title, basically.
Pumpkinhead was 39; the cause of his death is unclear.