Friday, July 17, 2015

Maroon 5 no longer heading for China

Maroon 5's planned dates in China aren't going to happen now. There's speculation as to why:

No official explanation has been given with a statement from Live Nation, the band’s promoter, alluding only to an unspecified “reason”.

The cancellations sparked speculation that a tweet sent by Jesse Carmichael, the group’s keyboard player, was responsible.

In the message, posted on July 4, Carmichael sent birthday wishes to the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama. The musician reportedly attended a party celebrating the Buddhist leader’s 80th birthday in the United States.

The tweet, since deleted, linked to a photograph on Instagram that was also later removed.
It could be the tweet was the reason. What I suspect happened is someone in power actually heard Maroon 5 and started combing the social media output of the band looking for an excuse.