Wednesday, December 23, 2015

15 Step: April

April 9th was officially Riot Grrl Day.

Hey kids, going to Coachella? Leave everything at home. This might be why Charli XCX pondered sleeping in a bin.

Morrisons overhauled their in-store playlist.

For a price, Don Mclean was prepared to reveal the meaning of American Pie.

The remaining members of GWAR found themselves at war with Dave Brockie's family and Justin Bieber can never go to Argentina again. Or to school proms.

Mumford And Sons can't stand the name of their own band.

Rita Ora changed her hair a bit and MTV literally couldn't recognise her, but Paloma Faith's snake was quite a big deal.

Pink issued a big fuck off to people snitching about her weight and Lauren Mayberry did the same to rape theats.

Labour lost the support of Mick Hucknall which was less surprising than the Rifles coming out for UKIP.

Joni Mitchell was unwell, but not as ill as some thought.

Steve Albini wasn't buying in to Tidal and Courtney Love had trouble with publishing.

Brandon Flowers was concerned at what a bad Moromon Mitt Romney is and Cumbrians were worried Sandi Thom was tardy paying bills.

Returning: Kate Jackson; some watered down version of Crystal Castles

Splitting: Noah And The Whale
Going solo: Tom Chaplin

Part of 15 Step

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