Friday, December 25, 2015

15 Step: June

Mark Kozelek tried on some shit with Laura Snapes. Laura Snapes wasn't having that. Meanwhile, Roger Helmer tried to patronise Charlotte Church.

For the first time thirty years, the NME had UK female-led rock acts on the cover two weeks running.

The moving of new release day meant the end for the Sunday teatime chart show.

Archive delights: Shampoo reviewing Heavenly in the NME; Andy Taylor's Rio wine bar and Lady GaGa's career in gay porn tattoos.

Bono might not like paying taxes, but he does like telling people how to spend them.

The High Court recriminalised ripping CDs for personal use.

Shirley Manson isn't keen on the economics of streaming. To make it worse, Apple launched one. Although they were forced to change the terms by Taylor Swift publicly shaming them. Which led to photographers asking Taylor about their rights.

Ten Walls made a bunch of homophobic comments, but then hoped they wouldn't "lead to thoughts".

Taylor Swift walked backwards. In heels. Although that's nothing compared with Dave Grohl playing on with a broken leg. Having said which, he drew the line at Glastonbury.

It's terrible, you know, looking like Rihanna or having people think you support Donald Trump.

Who cares about rabies, eh? Ariana Grande wasn't happy with animal import rules. If she really wants a fight with the man, though, she should ask about Leicestershire Police scanning Download attendee faces in secret.

Morrissey threw his weight behind #blacklivesmatter while Paul "trouser" Staines used his quasi-anonymous Guido Fawkes blog to suggest Charlotte Church having an accountant made her a hypocrite.

Noel Gallagher was negotiating a comeback nobody wants while Justin Bieber's manager tried to position him as the new Bob Dylan.

Akon will power Africa and Ed Sheeran plays golf.

Smashmouth got pelted with baked goods.

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