Thursday, December 24, 2015

15 Step: May

Eurovision happened and we went to the punk exhibition in Seattle.

A Russian politician described U2's 'free' album as gay pornography, which suggests Alexander Starovoitov is using some awful porn. Meanwhile, Bono tried to make us think that his tax avoidance is business rather than greed.

Someone threw sugar at Adam Levine while Brandon Flowers demanded respect.

For Taylor Swift, being a pop star is as great as we've always suspected. That still doesn't excuse Katie Price having another go at it.

Charlotte Church was on the barricades after the Tories got back in as Andy Burnham hoped Morrissey was the key to the Labour leadership.

Dolores O'Riordan was facing charges following a fracas with an air steward and Rihanna went to war with Batman.

Spotify got obsessed with running.

Neverland was back on the market, presumably after a deep clean.

Absolute Radio was kicked off a farm and Sarah Brightman remained on Earth.

Jack White wrote a song called Music Is Sacred.

Going solo: Bob Collins

Closing: Grooveshark

Axed: Never Mind The Buzzcocks; American Idol

Part of 15 Step

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