Saturday, December 19, 2015

PostPunkobit: Kelvin Knight

Only just heard that Kelvin Knight, drummer with the superb Delta 5, died at the start of the month.

Perhaps the best telling of the Delta 5 story was Kelvin's own account, which he wrote for Lounder Than War a couple of years back. It's a great telling of a turbulent tale, of which this is just a taste:

And any band worth their salt at some point find themselves playing on the back of a flat bed lorry as did we as part of the protest march against a bill being introduced in Parliament on abortion law (it never got anywhere near the statute book thankfully).

The march set off from Hyde Park corner and would pass the Houses of Parliament but a mixture of traffic lights and strange policing left us cut off from the march and going round Piccadilly Circus still playing much to the amazement of pedestrians, car drivers and people on buses!