Monday, December 28, 2015

Steve Brookstein discovers someone remembers him; isn't happy

Ah, Steve Brookstein. You'll recall him from being on The X Factor back in 2005, and his stint as a shipboard entertainer on a, erm, car ferry. You maybe even read his book which came out last year, which Wikipedia describes like this:

He has also released a book on 21 November, "Getting over the X", that describes his journey from winning The X Factor to having the press and industry turn their backs on him.
The journey from winning the X Factor to being ignored? Like Ian McEwan's Saturday, a book where all the action takes place in a 24 hour period then, presumably.

Anyway, turns out the Brook is back, and he's having a little fiddle with the Twitters.

"It makes you sound like Max Clifford".

Trouble is, Steve, the internet has a long memory, even if your fans don't:

If you're going to try and attack someone for repeating stuff, best to check it wasn't something you actually said.

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