Saturday, March 12, 2016

Producerobit: George Martin

There's been a great deal written about George Martin over the last couple of days - I can't recall an occasion previously when a record producer's death has led the BBC News, for example.

If you're looking for a good place to start, or frankly are only prepared to read one thing about Martin, I'd suggest the Guardian's collection of other producers talking about his work, although it's a pity they start with Mark Ronson's bit:

I was in a studio last night with a bass in my hand, thinking, ‘What would George do?’
Were you really, Mark? Really?

It might make me a bad person that when I heard the news, my mind went straight not to The White Album or Love Me Do, but... well, to this:

To be fair, Big Train did capture something quite essential about Martin there - yes, he was brilliant musically, but like many musicians that didn't make him any less of a bore when he talked about it.

On a side note, how many Game Of Thrones fans do you think had a horrible two minutes on Wednesday morning?

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Robin Carmody said...

Heritagised to hell, of course, and some of his more reactionary views may sum up why post-war social democracy had as many weaknesses when viewed from the perspective of the latter-day Left as from any sort of Right.

But his best work sums up the best of that world - the one moment when it seemed possible that the legacies of Attlee & Presley could be fused, seamlessly and without ambiguity - and if you can forget everything else, it shines on.

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