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Monday, July 13, 2009

Taylor Horn honks "racism" after Liverpool deportation

Taylor Horn - the latest in a very, very, very long line of lightly talented, fairly attractive women given the "next Britney Spears" label - has been thrown out of the UK after turning up at John Lennon Airport to do a promotional tour of the UK without the proper paperwork.

Apparently, it's racism run rampant:

Before preparing to leave Britain the Americans accused the government agency of “underhand” tactics and vowed to take legal action.

Their lawyer has lodged an appeal based on “race grounds”, claiming anti-American bias is behind their deportation.

Hang about a minute. If your paperwork was in order, and you were refused entry, you could appeal on the grounds that the decision was incorrect. Why would the whole "being American" thing be an issue?

This sounds a little more like someone turning up without the papers, and trying to find an excuse to be let in. That's quite high-maintenance. Maybe she is the new Britney Spears after all.