Thursday, June 06, 2002

The Bamboo Review: The White Stripes

Another review from miss Bamboo, this time this week's White Stripes SF blowout:

anyways. the first opener was whirlwind heat. they looked really young and were oddly endearing in their earnestness. the singer was wearing a brown velour jacket and he would put the mic in the pocket while he played the keyboard. there were only 3 of them - drums, bass, and keyboard. the sound was very wild and stripped down and they were a good fit as an opener.

next up was brendan benson and the wellfed boys. dave really likes these guys, so I was looking forward to seeing them. they were *excellent*. the music was mostly power pop with a bit of 70's rock thrown in. and one song that sounded like early weezer. good stuff. I'll be looking to buy their cds.

we had managed to grab a spot fairly close to the front (about 6 people back), and right in front of meg's drum set, which was on the left of the stage (our left). the stage was hung with six round paper lanterns, a couple of clocks (set to 3:00), and some curly streamers. all in red and white, of course. and get this - the effin' ROADIES were in black suits with red shirts and black ties. and *hats*. fedoras and derbys with a little red fluff tucked into the band. and they had the soundtrack from the music man as the house music. too cute.

jack was wearing a tight red t-shirt and fairly tight red pants. I'm pretty certain he dresses to the left. what? I was looking at the *guitar* and it was right there. honest. his hair was all robert smith messy and in his face. and we all know how I like messy hair...
he really is a great guitar player. loved the slide guitar (although tim easton has him beat on that). he was very energetic and jumped around, singing into a couple of different mics (one had some nice reverb). you know, there's something about a guy unabashedly singing a song written for a woman to sing that really get me. they did "jolene" (done by dolly parton originally, I believe) and I swear, jack put *so* much emotion into it. it totally killed me. that was the high point of the night.

and meg. meg was in a tight white t-shirt and red pants. her hair was up in high pigtails and her bangs flopped down over her eyes. what she lacks in drumming technique, she definitely makes up for in style. I hadn't really thought about it until I saw her perform, but she really isn't a drummer. her rhythms are all very basic and easy. it works cos it fits the songs and the feel of the music. I think it's awesome though. if the lil' chicas in the audience saw her and went "hey, I could do *that*" I'm all for it.

for some odd reason the mosh pit guys decided to do their banging around right in front of me. so, while I was fighting off the girls behind me trying to push forward (honey, I know how to fight for my spot. I don't give a shit if you climb my back - you're not getting in front of me) I was also trying to keep from getting too badly battered (dude, if you're gonna be an asshole and crash into me, don't get all surprised when I elbow you in the back. except you - yes, you with the sopping wet t-shirt. you're just gross and I will try my hardest not to ever touch you ever again).

they didn't say much other than thanks and jack referred to meg as his big sister a couple of times. whatever. it was great. loud, fast, and totally fun.

[EDIT: Edited to reflect current No Rock layout; content untouched - 03/06/07]

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