Wednesday, June 26, 2002

THIS OLE HOUSE MUSIC: It might just be part of the mythology, but the vaguely quease-inducing School Disco group claims it was born when a DJ was sacked for playing Shakin' Stevens This Ole House. [The BBC say so, it must be at least more true than that thing they ran about the diamond company and Bin Laden]. This seems curious to us, since there's no amount of nostalgic distance that can make that record anything other than an untouchable. The prospect of spending an evening with a group of people dressed as school kids (let's try and get through this without a Jonathon King gag, shall we?) could work, with right people and, of course, the right uniform - but wearing a tie and being forced to kow-tow to Shaky? Why do these people think we embraced the 90s in the first place?

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