Friday, July 12, 2002

NOT IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN: Music telly updates - Danni Behr is being dropped from the Saturday Show; assumptions seem to be is its because she talked about shagging and appeared in magazines in her bra and knickers. We'd say: Oh, yeah? Danni had basically shaken her money maker in every magazine already, so its not like she pulled a sudden Charlotte Church; if the BBC was so concerned at the revelation that Dan had had sex, why was she allowed to carry on for the whole year?; and, crucially, if she's unfit for the young eyes, why is it strongly rumoured she's about to become a regular on another kids series? Seems more likely they've just decided the car park shagging has taken it out of her too much, and she isn't a morning person. Joe Mace is also going; he's got other things to be doing, apparently.
Look at a lovely picture of Dani - although the accompanying text saying "when she was still famous" must hurt...
ALSO... V2002 is going to be carried live on ITV2 this year - the poor man's Glastonbury on the poor man's BBC Choice. Nice synergy

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