Saturday, November 30, 2002

'Chelle lacked

Morag Rose, bsn person and - more importantly - editing force behind the soon-come Twang - witnesses Michelle Shocked in Manchester, Thursday:

so not going to see sparklehorse worked out nicely because i watched the emi and i programme instead. lara made that (well, not on her own obviously) and it was the first time i have ever so slightly wished i didnt change careers. i was happy they used a syd clip.

anyhow it also meant i could afford to seee michele shocked, who i used to love a lot and always gives a good show (if you know what i mean) so i went, looking forward to hearing some dearly beloved old songs and catching up on her new stuff too.
so i guess its always a cause for concern when the touts are selling for below face value (it was £16.50 for fucks sake! i thought she was punk in the old school having principles way. bah)

but my heart was set so i gave a man in a kagoul £14 and went to join the throng; if seeing the rock kids on monday made me feel old, last night i knew i was young and carefree. anyhow there were about 250 people, mostly couples, i imagine most like muesli and have little tarquin safely tucked up in bed so they could have a special night out.

there were grumbles that she didnt come on till 9.20; there was no support so people were a little restless and bored. but then she appered, looking a wee bit pasty and puffy (but then i figured it had been a while since i saw her) and told us 'its so so great to be back in manchester, and on the no bush war tour.i'm michelle shocked and your're.....drunk'

she picked up her guitar; no sound. lots of glares at the roadie and some grumbles but then she's away, starting with a new song, rawer and bluesier and gutsier than i recall, and it sounds fine. another newie and then she's warming up and looking happier; she tells us all to mambo and chachacha as she launched into 'on the greener side' theres a trummpet player (deeply ace) and a bass and some drums; people are dancing in slightly akward manner. then she goes into a story about wet counties and dry counties; big cheer: its making the trip to gladewater and it segues into a a fierce and lovely half spoken version of when i grow up.

then it gets weird. she picks up her water bottle. the lid id on. she takes it off, throws it at her roadie, has a swig of water and says 'excuse me for a moment'

the band look nervous but do some acomplished jamming; its good but its not what we want. they wander off and we are left to our own devices. for a long, long time. i manage to drinkl a pint, eat a bag of crisps, exchange disgruntled sighs with several people *and* think how great a song creep is. being a chorltonite crowd there are only occasional mumours of unease and jeering. i think there should be a riot but cant be arsed to start it.

after half an hour or so the tour manager come on stage. michelle wont be back. they will 'set up a process that ensures we will get a refund and a free show at a later date. she ...never wants to go through the motions and thats what she was doing today.,.....she is really sorry and is fully aware of the difficluties involved in going out at night, getting baby sitters, tube trains (this guy knows manc) and taxis..she's not thrown a tantrum, she's been touring the world since april 2nd and is tired...this is the last thing she wantted to happen but she wasnt giving 100% and could not be convinced we love her anyway...there will be a free show for us all... its her choice (not to play) and that is the kind of temperatemntal decison great artists sometimes make'

great artist? fuck off. i spoke to my mate at the door and apparently she was pissed.
the tour guy promised to sit down and talk to anyone who wanted to discuss issues and says he will stay as long as it takes. i'm curious and his bulshit amuses me so i loiter and listen to peoples jeers and heckles. but then the lihghts come up and they are evicted us early; he couldnt even keep that promise. as i leave i notice the merch stand has been hastily vacated and the box office has closed.

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