Saturday, November 30, 2002

The Manbreasts exposed

Now, over to Canada where Claire Vernon is waiting to see Craig from the Vines unleash the rumoured he-bazookas:

The Music opened, and i just want to ask...

how come no one told me they were that good??? they played a 45 minute set and they were really really good. phonic/sonic i guess is the work for them. they buzzed around in my brain the way radiohead does and they rocked out at the same time. good times. singer has a really strong voice. very impressed. they definitely need work and a single though.

so the vines came on and played and this is where i got stuck in the middle of the crowd in front of mr craiggy. i haven't been in a "mosh" crowd in a really really long time and it was both exhilirating and a little like "fuck i'm too old for this" at the same time. it was nice to have the random violence and no control over where you put your feet while you just immerse yourself in music that you really like while you stare at a really pretty boy with a guitar and be all sweaty and squished. i felt like my eyes were as wide as dinner plates. but then some fucking crowd surfer (and didn't that die with vitalogy??) landed on my head and cracked every bone in my neck and i was in massive amounts of pain so i stayed for a few more songs and then left to watch the rest at the sides. but on to the music.

they played the first three songs right in the order of the album, then miss jackson (GORGEOUS) and mary jane, hmm what else, basically the rest of the album.

my highlight was homesick. then for the encore they did country yard and 1969 then cause craig was a weirdo he threw his mic and broke it and it didn't work even after the techies fixed it and that *pissed him off* and he fucking trashed the stage like i've never seen. in between or during songs he would just randomly throw himself on the floor. wierd. he was pretty nice although none of us understood what he had to say to us.

oh and on the man-tits, si, i saw nothing for the first part cause he was clothed and he was wearing black which is slimming. but for the encore he came back with no shirt. and what i have to say is this:

there is the beginnings of man tits. nothing you could really wrap your hand around. not even anything that could fill a double a cup. but if he keeps his lifestyle up, definite man tits coming. also, gut. definite gut. not appealing.
this man is best with a shirt on.

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