Saturday, November 30, 2002

Take the needle off it

You know something stinks about a person when the BNP runs an article praising them, and it's Danni Minogue who is giving succour to the scum this time round.

The Anti Nazi League News has got some background on the thicker of the two Minogue's dribblings about how great LePen is, and how asylum seekers, Gypsies and people who live on Council Estates are scum. Amusingly, the ANL point out that it's a bit rich for someone who themselves has come to a foreign country to make money to attack the concept of economic migration anyway.

What must have really hurt Minogue is that even when fascists are praising her politics, they still describe her as "Kylie's sister" rather than a person in her own right.

The dimwit's response is to threaten to sue the BNP over 'misquotation'.

Now we're getting into even stranger territory, because it's almost possible to have sympathy for the BNP here. They point out all they did was copy out what they'd read in GQ. Danni's defence - startling and stupid as the original comments - is to make a simpering meaningless claim that she's proud of Australia being the "most multicultural melting pot" and then say that when she said Jean Marie LePen "struck a chord" and that some street signs in Australia are in Asian and that gypsies, asylum seekers and council estate dwellers have made streets "unsafe" she was merely "stating facts" and not expressing disgust.

No, Dimwit. Saying "A cheetah can outrun a school bus" is stating a fact. Raising things like signs in other languages and suggesting that foreigners have made streets unsafe is, at best, unwitting racism. Singling out a stinking racist scumpimp like Jean Marie LePen to praise him for "striking a chord" is to actively laud a racist.
Either Danni, you are the world's most stupid person - which I don't quite believe - or you are racist. Which is it?

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