Monday, November 25, 2002


DEFINITIONS: There's some good and some bad in the open letter to Rolling Stone that currently greets visitors to Joan Jett's website.
We're curious as to why Joan Jett thinks that Pink can't count as rock simply because she's done some hip-hop R&B as well - is rock turning into the musical equivalent of mormonism, whereby you must have been born into it to be able to do it?

We suspect that the story she tells of Britney "butchering" I Love Rock & Roll and then saying "I've always loved Pat Benatar" may have been the cassus belli for the letter - that must hurt, and, yeah, Avril and Britney and Eve aren't traditional rock, and having barely a page on Sleater Kinney and nothing about Karen O suggests that the editors of the the Stone have no idea what's happening in the music scene at all.

But complaining at the "misuse" of the word "rock" rather than the offensiveness of an edition that was little more than an excuse to get Brit's tits to flog a few extra copies masquerading as a girl-power thing? You're fighting a lost battle, Joan, and you sound past-it.

Please see the accompanying clarification on Mormonism

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Rachel Summers said...

Went to Jett's site to check this out, but couldn't find the letter...wondering if this is the same as the supposed letter going around a while back that turned out to be written by someone else (though featured on Jett's site):

Same letter, or a different one?

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