Tuesday, December 03, 2002

My aim isn't true

We're delighted to see that Alison Wenham has sent an open letter to the BBC complaining about the axing of specialist music shows on BBC London (for more on the battle to save - for the five or sixth time in as many years - the local station for metropolitan types, visit londumb.co.uk, or, if you live in the rest of the country, shrug and say "I thought all the BBC stations behaved like they were local services for the capital".)

The only problem is that Alison's impassioned letter is addressed to Jenny Abramsky, who, admittedly, rejoices in the title Head of BBC Radio, but whose remit doesn't run to local Radio - I think they should try again, this time raising their concerns with Pat Loughrey, Director of Nations and Regions (i.e. Local broadcasting).

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