Monday, January 20, 2003

Curiosity cubed

New York Post's Page Six is reporting the following:

"Britney Spears definitely has her hands full. The pop tart, in Sundance to try and drum up a movie career, is juggling both Fred Durst and Justin Timberlake while partying around town. During Saturday night's Express/Project Greenlight party, Spears arrived with several girlfriends, p.r. people and a bodyguard in tow. Several minutes later Durst, dubbed "the backdoor boy" by Sundancers, snuck into the party by the back door and joined his new flame in the VIP section."

Where to start? Do we speculate if Britney's got more chance of a film career than Durst has of a shag? Or, more interestingly, why is Durst being called "the backdoor boy"? (Yeah, that was what we thought, too.) Even more winningly, an earlier Page Six threw interesting light on the recent kiss between Britney and her former backdoor boy Justin - it turns out that prior to the snog, Brit had been spewing her guts up in a toilet. So it wasn't a rekindling, it was revenge.

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