Friday, February 07, 2003

Does anybody actually just send demos anymore?

Tommy Mottola is looking for Britain's answer to Mariah Carey - although I would have thought the humilaiting album sales for the last two releases would have been a big clue as to what our answer is.

The main problem with the Diva Boot Camp idea is just what sort of diva - even a diva in waiting - would queue outside the bloody Marquee for hours in the freezing cold for an audition? They might put themselves through it for quaaludes, but not to warble 'I will always love you' in front of two bored execs.

Mottola, of course, discovered Carey and, by the end of their association had fucked her, married her and dumped her and she'd become a gibbering, damaged public freakshow. The winner of Diva Boot Camp can also look forward to a trip to America and the chance to sing in Las Vegas.

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