Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Glastonbury - It's on

What's curious about the Mendip District Council vote allowing Glasto to go ahead is that the Council allowed the licence by a vote of ten against four, but only eight voted in favour of the increase in attendance to 150,000.

150 thousand. Is it just us, or is the near doubling of the size of the festival in the last decade a bit of an indication of how Glasto has really lost its way a lot? In South Park, when Cartman came into a load of cash, he bought a theme park, all for himself. Then he had to let a couple of people in to pay for security; then a few more to pay for the maintainence, and so on. In the end, Cartmanland was more busy than the park was before he took it over. It seems that Glasto has become Cartmanland - the Festival. There's not going to be much room for that special atmosphere with all those tents...

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