Thursday, February 27, 2003

I'm still Jenny from the blockhead

There was a wonderful mismeeting of minds on BBC Breakfast this morning, when Dermot Murnaghan met Jennifer Lopez. DM was forced to stumble through questions about collaborations with "Ell... Ell... Cool... Jay" while J-Lo sat there polite and bemused.

The highlight, though, was when she was asked about Maid in Manhattan, and, in keeping with her current 'street' personna started to talk about how she could identify with the role as, really, being given large sums of cash mainly because of your arse and having to clean toilets to feed your kids are virtually identical lifestyles. Then:

"I love the fact that it takes place in a hotel. There's more reality there."

Only Jennifer Lopez could think that living in a hotel is reality.

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