Friday, February 21, 2003

Like, whatever

The Australian Herald Sun got an interview with Avril Lavigne - who, apparently, has never bought a CD in her life (presumably not something the RIAA would be keen for us to focus on.) If you've ever been in any doubt that behind her panda eyes, Avril has anything other than a Homer Simpson mind, it makes fascinating reading:

Is it daunting to think you've sold ten million albums in six months?
You know... surprising?
It's weird... I don't understand the question.
There's a lot of rumours going around about you, including an ex-manager saying you were more contrived than Britney. Did that hurt?
That I'm more what?
More contrived than Britney.
I didn't hear that, but I think everyone kinda knows the truth to that.
What truth? That he's bitter or about you being contrived?
I don't want to talk about him.
Well, what about those rumours that you were a record company creation, just like Britney?
Well, there's that rumour then there's the whole thing where everyone likes me because I am not contrived and because I came out as myself and I stood up for myself. Different people have different opinions. Hearing people say, "Oh you're fake," it's like, OK, right. No I'm not. I mean, like, I wear my own clothes to photo shoots, like, whatever. Everything I do, it's like, me. I'm not, like, trying to be a flower or anything like that.

Besides the difficulty with complicated long words, and the sudden contradiction between not having heard the rumours and then, oh, those rumours, what's perhaps the saddest thing here is that you can bet she really does think that because she chooses the trousers she wears for Rolling Stone covershoots, she's like a latterday Chrissie Hynde.

Also, during the course of the very brief interview she flatly denies ever having described herself as punk. Oh yeah?

"my musical influences are pretty much anyone I listen to, mostly rock, punk, emo music" Chart Attack webchat

She jokingly points out that touring with her own "skater-punk band of rocker boys" probably won't be all that different from her childhood.VH1 profile

Avril describes her fashion style as a mix of skater and punk profile
... and so on...