Monday, July 05, 2004

KORNPORN: Jonathan Davis of Korn is going to make a bid to be a rennaisance man by adding porn director to his list of credits. He's also going to write the soundtrack for the skin flick, the plot of which we're expecting to be about this kid who nobody understands and has, like, issues. Only in a hot-tub with some chicks. Then he wanders around a bit because, like, parents don't get it, only with some hot chicks who remove their hot pants and touch their pussies a bit. Of course, with a Korn soundtrack whichever hardbodies get to appear in the film are going to have their work cut out - no matter how sweet their pee-pees, boobies and fluffy bits, they're going to be preening and puffing against the most anerotic music known to man.

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