Monday, September 13, 2004

TILTING AT WINDBAGS: Really, there's no need for Alex Kapranos to attack Pop Idol; it's like Boeing having a pop at the chap who sells balsawood planes in a little toy shop in Harrogate, isn't it? I mean, he's spot on calling Gareth Gates and Michelle McManus* "boring", but it's not really worth the effort. Indeed, it sort of makes Franz Ferdinand seem less exciting that they're even bothering - is that what they intend to do with the spotlight? Complain about Pop Idol?

"Some of the contestants can't write music and they need other people to produce their records. It's not about talent. It's about marketing."

It's not even a coherent attack - frankly, who cares who writes the songs so long as they're brilliant? The Proms, eh - bunch of shit; none of the guys in the orchestra have written the stuff, have they? Alex, sweetness, nobody cares what you think about Gareth Gates. Good fucking grief, complaining about Michelle MacManus. Does anyone even remember who the hell she was? What's it going to be next month? 'Kapranos rails against Lena Zavaroni - "Opportunity Knocks Should Be Banned"'

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