Thursday, January 06, 2005

HAVEN'T WE BEEN HERE BEFORE?: As another celebrity Big Brother prepares to clutter up Channel 4's schedules, we're interested to read that Brigitte Nielsen plans to "launch" a singing career on the strength of it:

"My album is finished and I'm just waiting for a record deal - people will be surprised at my voice."

Will they, Brig? Surely people will only be surprised if they don't recall your previous attempts to "launch" your musical career. Like the singing spot on Gloria Honeyfield's daytime chatshow in the 90s, or your 1987 album Every Body Tells A Story, for example? In fact, we'd rather hear fellow Big Brother contestant Bez knocking out a single than another throw of your stuff at an uncaring world.

Myleene Klass is also going into the house - along with Mark 'famous only as legal ruling' Bosnich and John McCirrick. Klass on another reality show? Whatever happened to that serious classical music career, eh?


Pierre said...

Not to forget her (not so) great duet with Falco.
(who can forget Falco, really ?)

Anonymous said...

sorry simon, but you're thinking of bosman, the footballer 'famous' only as a legal ruling (i can't remember his first name. he's belgian i think). mark bosnich is of course famous only for getting done for being a coke addict, until adrian mutu upstaged him by taking coke to help him in bed with 2 ladies. bosnich also used to go out with the 'glamour model' what was in the last i'm a celebrity. and nielsen? i thought she was in that american celebrity thing with flavor flav?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bez did knock out a single last year!:

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