Tuesday, March 29, 2005

JUST LIKE MANDELA: Jackson trial update

So, the jackson trial has started to get interesting again with a see-sawing of the advantage: The long awaited fingerprint evidence did indeed suggest that Jackson and the accuser had read the same copies of Hustler and Barely Legal; on the other hand, they'd not been abel to find prints from both of the same page. (But then these magazines are designed to be held with a single hand, surely?) To make matters for the prosecution worse, Judge Melville refused to allow computer porn to be introduced as evidence.

Then, key prosecution witness Christopher Eric Carter managed to get himself arrested in Las Vegas. In the grand jury hearing, Carter claimed to have seen Jackson and the boys pissed and stumbling around Neverland while working as a security guard at Neverland. Unfortunately, since he left Jackson's employment, it's alleged that he's spent time holding people hostage and robbing them, which is why he's being held in Las Vegas. Even if he can get himself up to the trial, his testimony is going to look a little less credible now.

However, the prosecution will be pleased with Monday's ruling that past history can be used as part of their case. It looks like Jordy Chandler's pay-off is about to run out; more oddly, people who claim "that Jackson was seen licking the head of a boy during a trans-Atlantic flight and that he was observed in bed with a child while his and the child's underpants were lying next to the bed."

The defense dismiss such claims, but at least acknowledhe the scale of evidence about to be coming towards them: these are "a gang" of liars.

While the world waits for the possibility of Macauly Culkin being forced to testify, they've made do with the presence of George Lopez - apparently a commedian of some sort. Lopez's testimony, and that of his wife, told the court that the family of the accuser - and most particularly the father - seemed to be more interested in money than helping his son.

Away from the courtroom, Jesse Jackson found some time in between wading into the Terri Schiavo case (something which should have been settled many weeks ago) to interview Michael. Michael claimed that he was the victim of a similar sort of "conspiracy" that led to imprisonment of Nelson Mandela. Um... Michael, Nelson Mandela was actually guilty of the crime he was accused of: you do know that, don't you? Indeed, Mandela went out of his way to break the law, because he didn't recognise the legitimacy of the State. Are you really trying to tell us that you, too, are guilty, having gone out of your way to abuse children as you don't recognise the legitimacy of the United States constitution? Or are you just twittering pity-me nonesense?

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