Thursday, April 14, 2005


Something that ruins both the concept of the chat show and whatever remains of the image of Fred Durst: plans for My Life with Fred Durst. Yes, apparently an American TV company are thinking of pitching a "hybrid talk/docusoap" anchored by the middle-aged teenager.

Durst says he wants the show to be as far from a tabloid as possible and show sides of him not covered in the press. "I just want to have a spontaneous platform to have good conversations with people, who aren't necessarily on the show to sell a movie of product," he said. "I'm not interested in being controversial and pushing envelopes."

Bischoff was so impressed by the singer that he pitched him the idea for the talk show soon after their first meeting. "Fred can engage you in a conversation about classical music or films and then shift gears and bring up to speed on the world of extreme sports," he said. "His sense of what is on the horizon of pop culture is uncanny."

It's a pity that this side of Fred has never come through in any of his postings online, or his lyrics. Or his interviews, all of which make him seem like a pitiable cretin. We're also struggling to identify anyone who would want to tune in to watch Fred Durst. And when we do identify them, we can't see why they'd want to hear about classical music from him. It's like giving Jeremy Clarkson a fashion programme.

Meanwhile, the man himself has made a couple of posts to the Limp Bizkit blog, and we can safely assume that Letterman won't be rushing to put together a CV for a little while yet:

so a lot of the news about the new album i am hearing is true. i love the truth. that's what it's all about. the defintion of what gospel is. the unquestionable truth. no bells and whistles. no sugar coating the truth. for some it could be a bit too much to comprehend. fuck'em.

Oddly, despite his astonishing sense for what is on the radar of pop culture, Fred hasn't quite twigged that its a little hard to create an air of mystery over release dates and album titles when Amazon is already carrying the information.

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smiley smile said...

Just web browsing, and I happened onto this page - am crumbling all over the place in fits of laughter!
Just thought I'd mmention it...

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