Monday, April 11, 2005


Like the Conservative Party, Girls Aloud have confounded everyone's expectations (and, lets be frank, hopes) that they'd just disappear quietly. Like the Tories, though, they just seem to take the attitude that since they've survived against the odds, they might as well push things a little harder and stack the odds against their survival a little bit more. In other words, their plans to do a cover of Chris Isaak'as Wicked Game is their election of Michael Howard to leadership role. It might not be the longest suicide note in history, but it is the most cloth-eared rendering the word "Help Us" in Number 7 lipstick on a bathroom mirror that we can think of.

When on earth did they make this decision?

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M.C. Glammer said...

Maybe it'll go the same way as the rumour they were to do a version Frankie's "Power of Love."

Mind, with Fatboy Slim doing Steve Miller's "The Joker," youth cuture seems to be going all pub rock on us.

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