Monday, May 02, 2005


We don't much like Robbie Williams round here - you might have spotted that, although we do try to keep it hidden. Wouldn't do to be a suspect, would it? Anyway, much as we do love the idea that EMI Records (again, not likely to be invited to any rebirthing ceremony we're organising) is getting panicky over what the new Robbie album will be like, we're not entirely sure why the Mirror's declining-era 3AM girls think this is news. Of course the label is going to be worried that the album won't be a major seller - frankly, the people running EMI have such a vague grip on what might be popular or what might sell they might as well just be poking albums onto the market at random. But surely every time a label releases an album by one of their major acts they have a little niggling fear that the masses might be unmoved? It's not like the 3AM team have got anything that suggests the label management are actively seeking out the pearl-handled revolvers - there's no "the head of A&R is uncertain that Williams' new style - something Robbie calls GabbaGospel - is going to alienate fans"; it's all vague 'where will the baby's dimple be?' nervousness.

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