Monday, May 02, 2005


There's nothing that unusual about the phrase "there's something fishy going on over at Fox", although normally it's the News Channel where the rum goings-on go on; this time, though, there's doubts about the integrity of American Idol. And, yes, while those words do little more than invoke a sense of "goodness, whatever next - WWF turning out to be all fixed in advance?", because AI does persuade large numbers of people to spend cash on premium rate phonelines in the popular vote, claims made by ABC that Paula Abdul coached a contestant should at least be looked into. Fox Executives ("the spineless Murdochian nod-tossers") had been going to answer ABC's Primetime Live claims, but then decided not to bother. It's fine if the TV companies want a certain person to win, but charging people to vote in a contest that is being fixed would be a serious breach of faith; fraudulent, even. You'd have thought Fox would have loved a chance to put the record straight.

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