Monday, May 16, 2005


Ah, you could almost mistake Chris Martin for a little sweetie, couldn't you? He's worried that people are so fascinated by celebrity that they neglect the finer things in life:

The singer said the public ignored great books, music and architecture because people were more interested in celebrities reports the Evening Standard.

"Everything is subservient to this idea of celebrity. Great things get ignored because they're not famous enough but people can tell you who's dating who," he said.

Yes, all the people who read the 3am Girls would, if they did not exist, direct their time instead towards Pushkin. And how many times have you been stood behind someone in the queue at Sainsburys and seen them slip their copy of The Lives of the Great Composers back to make space in their basket for a copy of Heat.

More puzzlingly, if Martin finds celeb culture so horrific, why does he fuel it through things like the Make Poverty History campaign - something that wouldn't exist (in anything like its present form) were it not for the very celeb culture he disdains.

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