Monday, May 16, 2005


A combination of a press release claiming that rebecca loos and abi titmuss "have the hots for each other" and the looming of the Eurovision song contest combine to make us wonder: whatever happened to Tatu, the pretend lesbians? Well, freed from the need to pretend they spent their evenings sharing post-Soviet strap-ons and giggling, and freed from the clutches of their svengali manager, they're about to release their second album. And it's called People - Invalids. Do you see? We're all invalids. God, why do we bovver? We're going to our rooooms.

According to apparently Babel-fished reports:

Yulia and Lena grew instantly up and they understood a lot - about themselves, and about the world around them. It turned out that there are so many things around those we could be related to and not only to be observed then from a distance, as many people do through their entire life. Those things are wanted to be sung about, not only this - they need to be sung of! Tatu will sing about such things in their new album "Person- invalids".

The worrying thing is, that makes more sense than Fred Durst's blog ever managed.

We're not certain, but we think Steve Jobs might be slipping them a few quid, too:

They are friends. They support each other, although their free time shcedules are different. Lena spends her free time in the company of the greatest (i.e. – she reads books), and Yulia in the company of her American friends and recently bought Macintosh Power-book - fellow of all creative souls of the world. All mortal users of the Windows platform are left with their envy: Yulia uses all advantages of the progressive Mac platform, which is quick, classy, bugs-free. Now the pulse of the world is under her fingertips 24/7 - as Americans say. The most stressful stage of the recording is already behind, therefore a pair of weeks ago, Tatu made a one-week break in their "American" life and dove in the Moscow spring. In spite of a cosmopolitic charachter of their artistry, the girls miss Moscow, which remains the dearest city for them.

Quick, classy, bugs-free. Ah, if only the same could be said of Misses Titmuss and Loos...

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